A unique luxury concept of pastries made to share


We started Miniature Original Food with a key idea:
to spark emotion with incredible mini pastries that ensure every mouthful is a true taste sensation.

Our team endlessly works to achieve this goal, developing recipes that combine elegance, passion and sensitivity to a unique result for eyes and taste buds' pleasure.
We specialize in top-of-the-line French frozen pastries dedicated to foodservice trade.

Miniature Original Food, luxury mini French pastries

Bite-sized treats served
in a jewelry box

Our luxury box is made of sugarcane pulp. It is 100% biodegradable, very light (easy to handle and easy to ship) and highly resistant (no shipping damages).
It also has a very elegant and pure design (all white & translucent), so our mini bites seem to be served in a jewelry box.

Miniature Original Food, luxury mini French pastries

French artisanal

Promoting French art of pastry-making is a serious subject to us. All our pieces are 100% crafted in house by our pastry chefs using traditional French know-how.
Their expertise in baking and pastry-making ensures the manufacturing process runs like clockwork, resulting in high end products. 

Miniature Original Food, luxury mini French pastries

 Selecting the best ingredients
in our recipes

We focus on being mindful of the ingredients we use to ensure that it is good in every sense of the word. We pay particular attention to sourcing only great value and artisanal products.
We only use ingredients of natural origin, with natural coloring, aromatic or texturizing properties, such as vanilla flavor to guarantee the purest and more natural taste of our recipes.
All are formulated with less sugar without compromise on taste.

Miniature Original Food, luxury mini French pastries